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Millions Of Leads At Your Fingertips

What Information Is Included?

1.  Business Type
(  School, Realtor , Church, Salon etc)
2.  Business Name

3.  Owners Personal Email

4. Business Full Address

5. City, State & Zip

6. Phone Number & Fax Number
7. Website

New Leads are Added as soon as we receive them & Outdated information is updated.

Powerful Lead Finder Tool

Set your parameters of what you want to find & System Will Find It For You By searching millions of leads available.

Export Leads With Just A Click





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This is simple to install, set up, and use. The plugin can potentially leverage your current website visitors into clients. Do not be fooled by its simplicity, it is powerful

We do get questions from time to time regarding the tools that we secure for our program members and other audiences that we focus on, so we try to pull together some FAQ (frequently asked questions) whenever possible.

Here are a few for you:

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where is data coming from?
Data is coming from local clerk offices around the US via a Paid API that we have already paid for.

2. How are leads collected?
When a new business is registered, the default option is to keep this data public. Our API pulls the data.

3.  Is this data legal?
You can get this data for free or by paying a small fee if you go to the local clerk website.   Companies scrape this all the time.

4. Is there any limitations?
Nope!, but you are responsible for your actions.   We are just providing public data in nice way.

Is there a way to get this for free?

There sure is! We have two programs within the SMART Brand of tools, training, resources, & more that will allow you access to this plugin and over 80 other business tools.

If you check out the links on the home page ads, we will provide more information on both programs. You can save literally thousands of dollars, get access to over 80 tools, 1000s of resources, and training that goes from getting started to advanced training in regards to building an online business.

The first program is called SMART $1k+ Project, and it is a more structured,  multi-course, and limited-size class that starts three times per month. This program comes with a weekly group coaching live session, and lots of mentoring is provided.

The other program is called SMART Affiliate Network Program. It is a more self-directed program with each student going through the courses at their own pace and there is no group coaching.

Again, these programs provide this tool and another 80+ tools for members.

The cost for both programs is very reasonable and is extremely low compared to the assets, training, and resources you get access to.



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